The Organizing Committee is pleased to inform you that the IV Meeting on Astrophysical Spectroscopy: A&M DATA - Atmosphere, will be held in the period May 30th to June 2nd, 2022.
The Conference covers a wide range of topics from fundamental studies to applications. We intend to organize a blended conference, with on-line and in-person presentations in order to support the attendance of those with limited possibilities to travel.
The Organizing committee will monitor the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and in the case of a severe situation, the format of the conference will be switched to entirely on-line.

Scientific rationale
Spectroscopy is a power tool for the analysis of radiation from different plasmas in astronomy, laboratory, fusion research, atmospheric research and industry. Efficacy theoretical analysis, synthesis and modelling of stellar spectra as well as the spectra from other plasma sources, depends on atomic data and their sources. In particular for the modeling of stellar atmospheres and opacity calculations a large number of atomic data is needed, since we do not know a priori the chemical composition of a stellar atmosphere. Consequently, the development of databases with atomic data and astoinformatics is important for stellar spectroscopy.
The Conference is planned as an opportunity to consider above mentioned aspects of spectroscopic research on plenary sessions and than to work on the special mini-projects, which will result in common papers to be published in international astronomical journals during the Conference.